May 24, 2009

Dallas Trip

Jacob and I headed to Dallas yesterday. I was a little nervous about the trip since I was coming by myself with Jacob. Jacob kept me entertained the whole way to Dallas. It was nice to spend time with him without Peyton trying to get all my attention. We made it to the hospital with no problems at all. Maq Quest directions took me right where I needed to go. We spent about 2 hours at the hospital with Baby Kate, Jason, Em, and their families. Baby Kate is absolutely beautiful and perfect. She made me want to have another one. She was so sweet! Leaving the hospital to head to Uncle James and Aunt Belinda's house was quite an adventure. Map Quest did not take into consideration all the construction and was sending me on exits that didn't exist. We were right in the middle of downtown Dallas and the last time Jacob counted we had turned around 6 times. The trip to North Richland Hills should have taken about 40 minutes and ended up taking us well over an hour. We finally made it and have enjoyed spending time with our family that we don't get to see very often. Jacob and Tyler have been playing World of War Craft on the computer the whole time, and Jacob is now trying to talk me into buying it. Adam and Jacob would become addicted to in no time. We will be heading to take newborn pictures of Baby Kate later this afternoon and then make the trip back to Oklahoma. Jacob really likes Texas and has repeated informed me that he wished we could live here. Maybe bringing him to another state wasn't such a good idea. :)