September 8, 2008

OU Portraits

I was in the middle of a senior shoot yesterday, when Peyton came to the door and sat down in the hallway. All of a sudden as I was getting ready to take a picture we heard, "Say Cheese", "Cheese", "Say Cheese". We were both cracking up because Peyton had perfect timing and knew exactly when to say things. He was a little jealous because he wanted his picture taken. I promised him I would take his picture after I was done. Pey was all excited and went and got all his OU stuff to take pictures. Of course, he had to take pictures with brother, who was not very happy with either one of us. The pictures turned out adorable. Adam told them to look tough, so that is why some of the pictures are mean faces. These are some of my favorite poses of the two of them in their OU jerseys. And of course it was a good day because Our Sooners WON!

September 1, 2008

Jacob's First Day of 1st Grade

Jacob started 1st grade at Wilson Elementary School in Collinsville. His teacher is Miss Williams and this is her first year teaching. She is really sweet and is doing a GREAT job! Jacob really likes her and his class. When we enrolled him, he did not want to go to this school. He wanted to go back to Hoover in Bartlesville, but once he realized all his friends from baseball went here he changed his mind. His friend, Nick, is in his class but all his other friends have different teachers! So far, Jacob has made a 100% on both his spelling tests!

Summer 2008

As summer is coming to a close, we wanted to share some of summer memories with everyone. This summer was definitely one we will never forget. From building a house to teaching summer school in Owasso to shipping the kids to Grove for most of the summer, we were definitely busy. Jacob started playing baseball in March so we were on the road driving to Collinsville & Skiatook 2-3 times a week just for baseball. We went to church in Owasso on Sundays, and Linsey taught summer school in Owasso June and July. Jacob spent most of June with Mom & Dad and the Brown Family while Peyton was in Grove with his Nana and Papa, but Jacob spent most of July in Grove with Peyton. They love going to Nana and Papa's but they sure did miss their Mom and Dad. We only got to go to Big Splash twice this summer, but we enjoyed it while we were there. We spent 4th of July at the Lake relaxing. We spent the majority of July packing up the rent house getting ready to move. We did get to spend 3 weeks together as a family before school started again. While it was a rough summer, we learned a lot from it and cherish every minute we have to spend with the kiddos.


We started building our new house in May and we were supposed to close on Aug. 8th. We found out the day before closing that 6.6 feet our garage is on neighbor's property (it is still another builder's lot). The day of closing we found out that over half the cul-de-sac is wrong. After many upsetting phone calls and being told one thing after another, Adam talked to the builder and he gave us early occupency. We are all moved into the house and I finally got the last box unpacked last week. We are supposed to close around Sept. 19th. We love it out here because it is nice and quiet. Plus we are close to all of our friends again. There is still so much to do to the house, but it will all get done in time. Thank you to all of you who kept us in your prayers throughout the rough couple of days.


We went to my mom's house Saturday night to watch the OU game. It wasn't much of a game, but we love watching our Sooners play. We all had to wear our OU clothes and Little Peyton even has an OU jersey. When Jacob was little every time we would score, he would say "Boomer Sooner" and clap & cheer. Peyton wasn't quite into the game like Jacob used to be, but he did walk through the house once or twice and say "Boomer Sooner." I think he was just trying to tease PaPa since he is a Missouri fan and dislikes OU. We can't wait for Saturdays!