September 8, 2008

OU Portraits

I was in the middle of a senior shoot yesterday, when Peyton came to the door and sat down in the hallway. All of a sudden as I was getting ready to take a picture we heard, "Say Cheese", "Cheese", "Say Cheese". We were both cracking up because Peyton had perfect timing and knew exactly when to say things. He was a little jealous because he wanted his picture taken. I promised him I would take his picture after I was done. Pey was all excited and went and got all his OU stuff to take pictures. Of course, he had to take pictures with brother, who was not very happy with either one of us. The pictures turned out adorable. Adam told them to look tough, so that is why some of the pictures are mean faces. These are some of my favorite poses of the two of them in their OU jerseys. And of course it was a good day because Our Sooners WON!


hollister said...

Hey there! Your kiddos are so cute! (I of course would have personally picked OSU jerseys :-) Congratulations on your new house- it looks beautiful!

Carrie said...

Hey there! I am so glad you left a comment on my blog, I have had so much fun looking at yours! Your boys are so adorable :) I am glad you are doing so well and now I can keep up with you on your blog :) Blessings!

Amanda said...

Hey! Your pics are adorable. I love 'em!!! I could live without the awful colors, but the boys are stinkin' cute!!!

LB said...

Hey! I found your blog via Casey's. Your boys are adorable, and such cute pics! You look like you're doing great!