March 14, 2009

Fighting Bad Guys

All of a sudden Peyton is into this "Bad Guy" thing. He is always talking to bad guys and fighting bad guys. He wouldn't go get his clothes out of his room yesterday because he said there were bad guys in there. This has been going on for weeks now, and I don't know what started it. We did sit down with the boys about a week ago and talk to them about strangers because of the incident in Owasso and Tulsa, but this started way before that. He tells the bad guys he is going to knock their heads off and his daddy is going to shot them. Adam does have his concealed weapons license, but Peyton just started this out of the blue. We are very careful about what we watch around the boys, especially Peyton. The only thing we can think of is he has gotten this off of some cartoons the boys have watched. It is pretty funny to watch him act out what he is going to do to the bad guys, but it worries me that he is constantly talking to bad guys and about bad guys. He informed us there were bad guys in bubba's room the other night, so he had to come sleep with us. He is definitely a handful, but I love the little handful very much!