March 14, 2009

A week of CHAOS

This week was supposed to be a good week since it was the last week until Spring Break. Monday I realized that I didn't have all week to get my taxes to my accountant like I had thought. They were DUE to the IRS by the 15th! I spent all day Monday and most of the day Tuesday trying to get all my business stuff together and personal stuff organized. Peyton woke up in the middle of the night Tuesday running a fever and coughing all over me all night. I woke up at 6:30 and called Wilson to let them know I had a sick child and couldn't substitute. Thinking it was just allergies and they needed a break (mom just being lazy), I let both boys stay home Tuesday. They seemed fine after sleeping in, so we went to Claremore to the accountant, Wal-Mart, McDonald's drive thru, then to Jacob's 1st baseball practice. Everything seemed fine when we put them to bed, but at 5:00 here comes Peyton into our room running a fever again. I checked on Jacob and he was also a little warm. They both stayed home again Wed. and went to the doctor at 3:00. My little Peyton tested positive for strep throat and Jacob's throat looked like he was getting it, so they were both put on antibiotics and couldn't go back to school til Friday. I called my doctor and told them what was going on and they were calling me in a prescription to for strep. We ran to Wal-Mart to get their prescriptions and a few groceries. After being in Wal-Mart for 45 minutes, I started getting hotting and fatigue. I went to the pharmacy to get the boys prescriptions which were going to be another 30 minutes and they didn't have our prescription cards. I went to get out the cards and Jacob's was missing. I called Adam and he said he didn't have it. I got mad and said forget it, I'll go to Walgreens. They informed me I would have just as long of a wait there and I explained that they had had the prescription for over an hour and that I would proceed to Walgreens. The boys had been pretty good up to this point, but they were getting restless and Mom was getting sicker and sicker. Peyton was trying to help unload the cart and broke the eggs all over the counter. Adam was calling me in the process of this to let me know he did have the cards and wanted to know if I wanted the number. Jacob is acting like a wild animal touching evrything and harassing his brother. I'm feeling worse and yelling at them so that wasn't helping anything. I called their doctor and had them send the prescriptions to Walgreens for me. I'm sure the people at Wal-Mart were glad we were leaving. We ran to Walgreens and Jacob's was ready but not Peyton's. I called Adam and said I'm going to Urgent Care, so he meet me there and got the kids. I waited at Urgent Care for an hour only to be told my throat looked like strep and my nose looked like the flu but both tests were negative today. He told me if I came back tomorrow they would both test positive. Luckily, he went ahead and treated me for strep and the flu, and saved me another $40.00 trip. The boys stayed home Thursday and drove me CRAZY all day. What happened to laying in bed watching TV when you're sick? Not my boys, they were just fine running and yelling through the house all day. I made them lay down and take a nap Thurs. afternoon and Peyton woke up with a fever again. I had to call the High School and tell them I couldn't sub Friday because Pey was still sick. My accountant called at 7:30 Thursday morning to ask a few questions on my tax stuff, so much for sleeping in. Her secertary called back Thursday evening to let me know that Adam and my license's had expired and that they would have to have a copy of current license before we could get our taxes back. Jacob went to school Friday and made a 100% on his spelling test after missing all week! Since I have a CDL license, I had to go to the Department of Public Safety before I could renew my license. Peyton and I waited for over an hour there and it was crazy. We went to the tag agency to get my license and then to our accountant's office. Peyton ended up with a pocket full of candy before we left there, so he was a happy camper. I had planned on stopping at Sonic on our way to Claremore, but Peyton feel asleep before we made it there so I just went onto Claremore. On our way to back I asked Peyton if he was hungry and he said Yes. I asked Peyton if he had eaten anything all day and he said, "No mom, no you feed me!" I felt so bad...I forgot to feed my child! We got Jacob from school and headed to Sonic before going to Bartlesville. We spent some time with grandma and grandpa and went out to eat then headed back home. The boys both crashed on the way home, but Peyton ended up in our bed again last night! We have a birthday party to go to today and then we are relaxing! Nana is coming to get the boys tomorrow and Adam and I are heading up to Grove Tuesday night. I am looking forward to a nice week and not a hectic one again!


MommyChris said...

Sorry to hear about that! We had to take M & W in yesterday. M had strep and flu and W has croup. M was really sick Sunday but by yesterday evening after he got a dose of antibiotics in him, he was driving me crazy. All the kids were running through the house screaming and playing.

It sure is going around right now! HUGS and I hope you guys are feeling better!

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